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The weather may have been rough for the course at Copper Mountain, Colorado this weekend, but that didn’t stop the Rossignol team from pushing through with some sick results. JF Houle took gold in the US Freeskiing Open men’s slopestyle competition this weekend, stepping onto his first pro podium in style. Claudia Bouvier beat the elements on the course as well, taking third overall in women’s slopestyle.

JF and Claudia

While the Canadians were busy showing the Americans how it’s done north of the border, Hunter Schleper was up in Nakiska, Canada dismantling a few race courses. Schleper took the weekend by storm, managing 2 wins in Slalom and a 1 and 3 in GS when all was said and done. Not too bad for two days’ worth of work…

Hunter on the podium


I can’t get this video to post with the video link so I’m going to try to embed it here. Don’t you love technology?

Looks like you can’t embed video and the ‘Send to Editor’ button doesn’t do shit in the ‘Videos’ tab. I love broken software.

Kurt’s BC Shot

Starting to experiment with photos to see what’s what. Looks simple enough, kind of funky style though.

It’s day two of posting on the Rossi blog. We’ve gotten about 45 inches of snow in the last four days according to the weather report this morning and I’m sitting here staring at it out my office window. How lame is that? No worries though, we’re about to get hammered again tonight and I should be able to get out all weekend for the good stuff. Maybe if the avalanche danger is below 100,000,000% next week I’ll be able to get some turns in on Parley’s before work. US Open Slopestyle and World Cup Skiercross are both under way this weekend, I’ll keep things posted about how our athletes are doing as soon as I hear word.

Pro snow sports get great media coverage during the X Games every winter but what happens to the athletes when the week is over? This is a slightly different direction for the Rossignol team to head in, putting video and photos online for free instead of making their fans go out and buy dvds of them going big. TGR Forums and New Schoolers let fans talk to each other. Maybe it’s about time the pros got to talk back to the fans somewhere other than their own pro site.

-the Rossignol pro community